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Jason Edelstein Skiing Near Monarch Pass, Colorado

 About me

When I was a child I remember being with my parents in an interactive science museum. My dad looked into a telescope in the museum and after he moved his eye away from the lens I looked through thinking that I'd be able to see the world through his colorblind eyes, that perhaps his vision had left an imprint on the device. But vision doesn't actually work like that. What we see in the world around is is not objective. When I create images I'm trying to show the audience what I see in a place, what I notice, and what I'm thinking about. The photograph, like any art medium, works to solve the shortcomings of language and express something otherwise expressible. We do this in language with metaphor. We do this in music with rhythm and harmony, and in photography we use composition and light. I'm not interested in capturing snapshots. Our phones are more than capable of doing that. I'm interested in telling stories of storied places. Or as Donna Harraway would say-- I want to make images that imagine images.

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Email:                                Phone:  610-952-7840

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